September 20, 2011

life over the last several weeks.

Discovered a disc of photos when Jaidah was a baby.  Sadly, I only got my first DSLR camera early I don't have many of her those first four years of life.  I am kicking myself that I didn't make the leap sooner.  However, I'm thankful for the ones I do have.
I've been looking online for album companies.  So many to choose from.  So far I'm loving the look of Blurb, Pinhole Press, Photobook Australia, and Cypress Albums.

That I fear was the easy part.  Now to sort through thousands upon thousands of photos.  And put into some sort of order.  And layout.  I figure if I keep it simple - I can't get it too wrong.
The pools here have opened for the season.  And the water is freezing!  But that hasn't stopped us from going down and spending hours there.  It's also made me wish I knew someone with an underwater camera so I could try it out.

I love photographing in open shade.  Nice even lighting...lovely catchlights.  But not all open shade is created equal!  This is an interesting article about finding the light in open shade.


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