August 26, 2011

there are some amazing food photographers out there.

Two of my favourite are Tartelette and Cannelle et Vanille.  Not only is the photography divine but so is the styling.
Photography by Tartelette.
Photography by Cannelle et Vanille.

Here is a great post on how Helene Dujardin from Tartelette takes her amazing shots, with some tips to help improve your food photography.  

One of the most important factors regarding any sort of photography, is of course the light.  And food photography is no exception.  Find that sweet light, and then you can concentrate on styling a beautiful shot.  

One of the best and simplest tips I've found, has been to use a reflector.  And it doesn't have to be anything fancy either.  I just use some thick white cardboard.  While I have a long way to go...the best part is...I'm enjoying learning and it's inspired me to try something new.
Photography by me


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